Our Mission

Our Story

Valuiza grew out of a question that's fundamental to the success of every financial advice business — how can we retain and grow our existing client base and attract new clients in an increasingly competitive and unpredictable world?

We began with the basic idea that businesses that focus on their clients first and foremost will always win in the long-term and we combined this with some unique research that helped us identify the factors that lead to improved client trust, retention and advocacy/referrals.

During our research, we collected data from literally hundreds of businesses across multiple industries including financial services.

We then thought about how we could build a platform to help businesses quickly collect client feedback and link this to bottom line performance so they could make better decisions and allocate scarce resources to get the best possible results from building stronger client relationships.

The result is Valuiza. And our mission is to help every financial advice business grow. We'd love for you to join us and commit to placing your clients at the centre of everything you do.

Our Founder

Valuiza started as an idea literally scribbled on a napkin by our Founder and CEO Dr Ray McHale.

While working in the financial services industry, he became frustrated at not being able to quantify the strength of client relationships he had developed, so he set about researching the field to see what was available and couldn’t find a suitable tool.

Ray then successfully undertook doctoral studies in relationship marketing and, as a result, developed intellectual property that today lies at the heart of Valuiza and is patented in a number of countries. His commitment to validating the original research in various industries and helping numerous organisations along the way has enabled a unique service that every financial advice business can use today and benefit immensely from.

Many financial advice businesses either don’t collect client feedback or use a variety of clunky tools that at best provide very limited insights.

Valuiza brings everything into a single platform that anyone can use. It runs in the cloud, requires no technical knowledge and is simple to use - at your desk or on the go.

We believe that businesses that focus on their clients experience first will always win and the best way to get better and attract new clients is to first ask your clients what they think and feel.

Our Values

We believe that the client’s best interest is our best interest, our focus should be on the solution rather than the problem, we need to be better and different, and we should grow every day.

We are here to help!

You can contact us directly if you have any questions. Let us know – we're happy to help!