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Collect Client Feedback

Our pre-configured surveys are based on years of research and application. Collect feedback from your current or former clients. All you have to do is decide who to survey and when and then send invitations using our email service. All feedback is collected quickly and efficiently online and we automatically analyse all responses and provide a detailed analysis in real-time via a range of insightful reports, including qualitative feedback that can be easily converted into client testimonials. Only Valuiza™ will allow you to measure the overall strength of your client relationships and use the feedback to attract new clients.

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Understand Client Lifetime Value (Profitability)

Client lifetime value is a critical business metric because it provides key insights into your client base and informs sound decision-making. With your inputs, we will automatically calculate client profitability based on historical data, together with a prediction of profitability taking into account the client feedback so you can make better decisions based on direct evidence rather than gut feel or hearsay. You will be able to answer key questions such as how much you should invest to acquire a new client or retain an existing client. You will also be able to identify who your most or least profitable clients are.

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Access Insights and Tools For Improved Performance

We automatically provide a range of insightful reports so you can see first hand how you are performing and what areas need attention. Our extremely powerful ‘What-If’ tool enables you to understand what outcomes you could expect as a result of making changes to a range of relationship drivers and/or Client Lifetime Value drivers. The Action Plan function provides tangible evidence of your results (which can then be shared within your business), and a range of practical suggestions as to how you could achieve stronger results. This allows you to make better decisions about how best to use the levers at your disposal.

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Attract New Clients

At your discretion, you can use the client feedback collected in our surveys to demonstrate authentic social proof of your performance to anyone who is searching for a financial advisor.

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